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Cannon Oilfield Services is a turnkey well site rental provider.  We are focused on the cleanliness of the rig’s “backyard” offering Rig Vacuums, Diesel Sprayers, Screen Cleansers, and Pressure Washers.  Cannon is also an OEM focused on safety providing its own Hydraulic Drilling Chokes, Drive-Overs, and Flares.  With each rental of this outstanding equipment, Cannon will perform weekly inspections to identify potential problems before they happen.  If a problem does occur, no worries, we offer 24/7 support year round responding quickly and reliably.

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  • API 6A and 16C and NACE MR01-75 Compliant

  • API Temperature Range:   Standard -20ºF to 250ºF
    High Temp -75ºF

  • 3-1/16” inlet X 4-1/16” outlet standard ;

       for use in API 5M, 10M

1.  Full Bore 2.75” OD Trim
      . Large bore solid tungsten carbide gate  and

         reversible seat assembly

2.  Quick change actuator 
      . Trim can be changed without removing the choke

         from service

3.  Downstream solid tungsten wear sleeve 
      . Provides a smooth transition for fluid into the

        downstream piping

4.   Control Console
      . Provides operation for one or two chokes with dual

        pressure gauges and pump-strokes counter
      . Compatible with NOV RigSense rig instrumentation





Cannon’s Green Completions LITE - Oil and Gas Operator will be able to “close the loop” during post frac and well intervention. The Cannon Green completions LITE system separates post frac well bore fluids into two stages gas and solid/liquids. The lite system allows hazardous gases to be safely vented off through the secondary scrubber and flare system and deposits solids and liquids into a tank for disposal.


  • Vertical circulation separator

  • Environmental scrubber box

  • Flare System – up to 160 feet of flare line

  • Low profile 8” drive-over

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  • Accommodates vent lines varying from 4 to 12 inches

  • Varying heights

  • Hydraulically lifted

  • Spill containment

  • Convenient power switch on rig floor

  • Warning strobe light on igniter control box

  • Hardwiring and protective shields for safe, dependable performance

  • Check Valves

  • Pivoting Flare stack with pipe racks